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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

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The Rite of Christian of Adults (RCIA) is a process by which new adult members are welcomed and initiated into the Catholic Church. We help them discern God's calling to the Church and to be true Christians by teaching them about the Catholic faith and journeying together with them. The journey is typically 10-12 months long.

Bring a friend or two to get to know the Lord who loves us and has blessed our lives so richly! The RCIA Ministry at the Church of the Holy Spirit has started a new RCIA run on 13 July 2023, at 7.45pm at the Level 4 Auditorium. Sessions will then run weekly on Thursdays at 7.45pm for approximately 10 months.

Alternatively, join us as a Sponsor and share how the Lord has touched your life and loved you!

Online Registration link for those interested in becoming Catholics:

Alternatively, you can download the PDF of the registration form here:

If you are a baptized and confirmed Catholic and would love to share the love of Christ with those looking to become Catholic, you can sign up online as a Sponsor here:

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