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Patricia Koo

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Every Thursday 9am in the canteen (CHS)

Our participants are mainly active seniors with a few who have mobility limitations. As the name ‘Evergreens’ suggests, we want our activities to engage and to empower our seniors to remain active and functional; and, to stay relevant even as the years catch up with us.

The idea for ‘The Evergreens’ came about from the keen interest shown by the senior participants who attended the ‘Golden Years’ Workshop held on 18 Dec 2022.

Under Father Kamil’s direction and guidance, the first Evergreens session began on 2 March 2023.

Activities such as Qigong, Zumba, Line Dancing (just to name a few) ensure our participants stay active and healthy. Our physical activities are interspersed with prayer sessions and talks on health, life issues and spiritual growth to strengthen and deepen our faith as well.

Our Vision is GOD centred, both spiritually and in living and Growing Old with Dignity (GOD).

The term ‘Growing Old’ need not have negative connotations. Instead, it should be synonymous with ‘Growing Interesting’ and ‘Life-giving’ - leading meaningful lives filled with valuable and rich life experiences. Our golden years should be a time to make new friends, spend time on hobbies and interests and more time for family, friends and loved ones.

As a newly formed Evergreen Ministry (programme), we constantly strive to generate meaningful activities to engage our seniors.

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