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Leonard Ong or Lakshmi-Teresa

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Landings is a reconciliation ministry based on compassionate listening. At Landings, we welcome returning Catholics back to the Church. We also welcome Catholics who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church. We provide safe spaces where, in small groups, participants share their faith stories and explore Catholic themes confidentially and without judgement.

The Landings programme started in 1989 in the USA and has been in Singapore since 2008.


What to expect at Landings?

A typical Landings programme takes place over 10-weeks with weekly sessions that each last around two hours. Each session covers the following elements:

  • Check-in time and opening prayer

  • Faith story-telling

  • Response to story

  • Fellowship

  • Reflection on Catholic themes (the themes centre around our relationship with God as well as the Sacraments)

  • Closing Prayer

A weekend retreat takes place towards the end of the programme.


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