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Here are the services and sacramental services offered at our parish.


2024 Catechism Registration reopens for Primary 1 (L1) 

(WEF: 15 December 2023)

Registration will be online via for L1 2024 only.

  • Parents must create an account for the child and login to the child’s account.

  • The child’s baptism certificate to be uploaded at the time of registration.

  • Ensure that you have a softcopy of the Baptism cert ready.

Please refer to the QR code or Link which has step by step separate guides for 2 major processes:

Parent/Guardian Link and Child Registration.

Should you face technical issues, kindly email to


For new/transfer students of other levels (L2 to L8), please email to for the registration process and is subject to the available slots of the respective levels.

Catechesis commences on 3/4 Feb and timings as follows:

Saturdays (L7 to L9): 2:45pm to 4:15pm 

Sundays (L1 to L6): 8am to 9:15am  or  10am to 11:15am


Current 2023 Students do not need to register as the online payment will not be ready till the end of first quarter 2024.

For more information, please visit the Catechetical ministry.

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House Blessing

House Blessing is a prayer service performed by a priest with the intention of asking God to sanctify and to grant peace in the home you dwell in. 

Please make the arrangement for your home blessing with any of the priests.

For more inquiries, please contact the Parish Office.

House Blessing


At Landings, we welcome returning Catholics back to the Church. We also welcome Catholics who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church. We provide safe spaces where, in small groups, participants share their faith stories and explore Catholic themes confidentially and without judgement.


What to expect at Landings?

A typical Landings programme takes place over 10-weeks with weekly sessions that each last around two hours. Each session covers the following elements:


Check-in time and opening prayer

Faith story-telling

Response to story


Reflection on Catholic themes (the themes centre around our relationship with God as well as the Sacraments)

Closing Prayer

A weekend retreat takes place towards the end of the programme.


For inquiries, please contact:

Leonard Ong or Lakshmi-Teresa



Landings Programme

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a 10 month life-changing journey that prepares a person to become Catholics.


This journey is a gentle introduction to the teachings and practices of the Catholic Church, with a strong emphasis on friendship with God and with each other.


The RCIA Ministry is pleased to announce the start of a new journey on Thursday, 11 July 2024, 7.45pm at the Level 4 Auditorium.

Find out more from the RCIA video.


If you have friends or relatives who are not Catholic, or who are Catholics who have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation, do bring them for this journey as Inquirers!  Sign-up through


We also welcome confirmed practicing Catholics to journey with our Inquirers, where you will strengthen and deepen your own faith by sharing it with our Inquirers. Sponsors may sign up at

For more information, please visit RCIA Ministry page.

RCIA Programme

Funeral Service

Funeral Services can be arranged with the Parish Office.

Please check for the availability of the priest and the main church prior to confirming the time of cremation or burial.

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