17 Jun 2018
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time


In today’s Gospel, Jesus is presented to us as the master storyteller. He loved to use parables as a tool for comparing one thing to something else. In most of his parables, Jesus revealed who God is by comparing God’s essence or actions with something familiar to his listeners. In the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus proclaims a marvelous and irrefutable truth. His small band of disciples, as insignificant as they may have felt, would one day produce a mighty kingdom whose growth was initiated by God. The seeds of this kingdom were planted by God and it is God who will harvest the fruit brought forth from those seeds. The extent of the growth of God’s kingdom cannot be predicted. We must trust the work of the Master’s hand as we, the mustard plant, grow and grow.


  • Parables of Christ
    Fri 20 & 27 Jul. By Fr. Cornelius

  • Encounters with Christ
    Fri 10 & 17 Aug. By Fr. Richards

Time: 8.00pm in the church. 
All are welcome!

New RCIA conducted by Fr. Cornelius and Fr. Paul will begin on Tue 24 Jul 2018. We welcome new enquirers who would like to find out more about the Catholic faith.

We also invite Adult Catholics to enrol as Sponsors to accompany the Enquirers in their faith journey. All Sponsors will be required to go through an "Introduction to RCIA" training, which will be provided by the RCIA Core Team.

Registration will begin soon after weekend masses.

Useful information:

  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • SMS 97428847
  • Or register your interest online at
  • Registration forms are also available at the parish office.


Next Infant Baptism will be held on:

  • Sun 1 Jul, 12.45pm
  • Application closes on Sun 17 Jun

Preparatory Session:

  • Sun 24 Jun, 1.30pm in room #02-01
  • Registration begins at 1.15pm
  • Compulsory for 1st time parents and godparents

Download application form and guidelines here.

Please note the following:

No Catechism classes on 19/20 May weekend due to the celebration of Parish Feast day.

June School holiday term break commences from 26 May to 24 June 2018.
Catechism classes will resume on 30 June / 1 July weekend.

Archbishop's Jun Prayer Intentions:

  • Social Networks
    That social networks be places which bridges of friendships are built where the truth is proclaimed with love.